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Core and satellite

Discovering Great Artists is the title of a wonderful book that includes biographies of some famous artists along with an easy project for each one, with mostly things you find at home (very important to me). If you need one or two things, it is not too hard to plan for them.

To do our artist studies, (which, by the way, they are not painting like the artist or anything like it, but observing for a few minutes, and “narrating” and describing that which you saw),  I have sometimes followed the Ambleside suggestions, but I am bad at printing, and if it is just looking at the paintings on the computer, we do not do it. This way works like this: the girls get engaged in the project, I will read the short biography from the book, and after, we will look up some of the paintings or art work of the artist.


The girls go once a week to an art and music class, and they are currently working with clay. But I have always loved doing some art with them at home. It comes easy to them and to me. Lately, the gravity of this homeschooling thing sometimes gets to me, and I had abandoned this lovely practice, so needed. I agree with her, what about you? If I limit ourselves to the classic three “R’s”, this does not work a bit, it becomes stagnated. So off to paint, sing, play instruments, look at art, draw in our journals, do nature walks, and the such. Those are the core and motor of our education, not the other way around.
The girls made paint with egg yolk, like Giotto used to make, and they used it to draw in their nature journals. We are currently looking at the gorgeous prints on this book I found at one of our book sales last year.


It has taken me two years to understand this, and I still forget the order of things, their importance.Art, music (singing, playing instruments, listening), nature study, are at the core of a rich and meaningful education. NARRATING is the bridge, the corner stone of an education. Reading, writing, and arithmetic, are satellites, important, yes, but in need of an orbit where to be placed.


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