Book reviews

Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me

What is the best way of picking books to read? To me, it is a mix of serendipity, my own insight or instinct that pulls me to a book, and that of reading what friends whom I know well (even if I have not met them in person), have truly loved.
The last is the case with Booked, it was one of Nancy’s favorites of 2012, a genre that I had not read much before, but that is a new favorite of mine, I call it bibliophile biography, or a biography intertwined with books that have made and shaped the writer through her life.

I know that spiritual formation is of God, but I also know –mainly because I learned it from books– that there are other kinds of formation, too, everyday gifts, and that God uses the things of this earth to teach us and shape us, and to help us find truth.

5/5 Stars ★★★★★

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