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Life as a Poem

 She is a very photogenic chick, don’t you think?

We spent the morning and part of the afternoon at Heather’s. She has not been very present in the blogs because she has been busy with life. You can see here some of what keeps her occupied.

Heather’s wonderful book collection.
Heather and the children by the coop.

We ate egg tacos in the morning, snacked on dates and olives, and had a lunch of sesame seed crackers with peanut and pecan butter, juicy apple wedges, and swiss cheese. It was wonderful. I have 23 other pictures of books that I have not shown you… it was a great pleasure to take pictures of her shelves.

Willie Mouse. That and most of the pictures are what they call, SOOC (straight out of camera).

Above you see her AO year 1 books which they read and love.

Two of her big shelves in her living room. And an LP record player.

At Heather there is always good food, great books to admire and borrow, and lovely music. Not to mention her company. My girls cannot be long without spending time with her children.

This adorable chickie is the only yellow one of the six, they named her Dorothy (like Heather’s blonde daughter).
Heather teaches Hebrew to some of us every Tuesday. She has a great ability for languages, her daughter too. Some more Hebrew books were by her computer, where she studies using a program called Logos.

These two are always together, like twins.

Where we live, in Texas, the weather is mostly hot and humid. We have a month or so in the fall, and a month or so now, early in the spring, when the weather is gorgeous, like today. It was very nice to spend it out of doors in her lovely backyard. Very poetic.


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