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Unglued, Devotional

I review for BookSneeze®The word unglued certainly caught my attention when I saw it for review at Booksneeze. I requested it, it arrived a few days ago, and I could not read it in 60 days, I had to finish it, because I enjoyed it, and because it is a reading n easy reading anyway.

Unglued, Devotional, is a simple daily reflection on an aspect of our personality we can all improve, with down to earth advice, the author introspection, and relevant Scripture verses weaved together.

It may be the case we have similar personalities, I am venturing this by her own descriptions throughout the book, (not prone to gentleness, quick to explode), or her reactions, -which she calls unglued-, but I have connected with this book immediately. It spoke to me; her problematic areas in life coincided much with my own struggles. She writes, ‘What is your weak place? A temper that flares? An insecurity that stings? A family dysfunction that is always brewing?’ (I said, “all three please!”) I believe it can be of help if you are a quiet person too, because she talks about the opposite to exploding, which is imploding or stuffing it all, as she writes it. I appreciated and benefited from how she tells us how to go to God and His Truth for help and progress in all, even if it is imperfect progress.

I have to clarify that the author is of the belief that we receive Jesus in our hearts and thus are saved then by affirming it publicly or feeling it in private, which it is nothing like the conversions I read about in the Bible.


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