Christianity, Memory Work

Memory Verse Box, from SCM

We have short verses, and some cards with more than one verse, such as the Beatitudes

This past holidays I saw a post at Simply Charlotte Mason about Scripture Memory System. We do have a verse every month to memorize, and some other ongoing memory work related to the Bible. But I had noticed that, after we learned the memory verse of the month, we many times forgot it. I thought this system was simple and very efficient, and we truly enjoy it. It is very simple to use, and it costs almost nothing (we had an index box, I only printed the tabs in cardboard and bought some index cards for very little). We are adding cards I wrote with verses we did but we needed to remember, and the box is nicely filling every week.

We do this every morning at breakfast, and in a few minutes every day, it is amazing how much we can get settled in terms of memory work.

If you do not memorize scripture, it could be adjusted to poetry, even conversational sentences in another language. Actually, I have thought about doing the same for our poems that we had not done in a while. So today we picked a poem to memorize, and I should take a little time and make another box for poetry.

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