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Esther Averill

My oldest, and now her sister too, have discovered the books by Esther Averil since I presented them with The Fire Cat and Heather showed us Jenny and the Cat Club, and now I had to buy them all, or almost, (I am missing one). She reads them, though not voraciously as I wished, but it is her style.



You can read her biography here.



         The Cat Club Series
Jenny and the Cat Club contains all the highlighted stories, it is thus thick.

The Cat Club, 1944
The School For Cats, 1947: thin, 33 pages
Jenny’s First Party, 1948
Jenny’s Moonlight Adventure, 1949: thin, 33 pages also
When Jenny Lost Her Scarf, 1951
Jenny’s Adopted Brothers, 1952
How the Brothers Joined the Cat Club, 1953
Jenny’s Birthday Book, 1954: thin, picture book like
Jenny Goes to Sea, 1957: thick, 128 pages
Jenny’s Bedside Book, 1959. Probably out of print.
The Fire Cat, 1960: thin, Early Reader type.
The Hotel Cat, 1969:thick, 161 pages
Captains of the City Streets, 1972: thick, 145 pages
 Jenny and the Cat Club

I define Averill’s style like that of the 50’s and 60’s that some books have, homey and chic, the topics and language are to me colloquial but elegant.

To have girls, to homeschool them… ahhhhhhhh, all the worries and troubles fade when I realize we have been given a second chance of living my childhood as in a lovely dream in the company of my own children!




4 thoughts on “Esther Averill”

  1. I will watch it with the girlies, they will LOVE it.

    Oh, if Esther Averill is Jeanne's proved and approved, I now feel MUCH BETTER.

    You still owe me a private email with your address, lady!


  2. Happy New Year, Jenny. I read you but I have been quiet lately.

    Wow, time flies, doesn't it. I am glad you remind us of the precious memories, they stand the passage of time.




  3. Thanks so much for the tip, dear Silvia. I have never heard of these, but I will definitely try them for my girls.
    Many blessings to you in the new year, my friend! 🙂


  4. Her books look lovely, we haven't read any yet. Happy new year to you and your Silvia. Looking forward to connecting more with you this year and growing as a homeschooling family. 🙂


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