No more excuses… reading Shakespeare finally

Since I saw this book at Nancy’s blog I have been wanting it. The only reason I put it off for later was because once I ordered it, I knew I would have run out of excuses to read Shakespeare once and for all.

I looked it up at Amazon and found these many, but when I ordered it I only saw a flat picture, and I never thought I would get a book this robust and delightful. It is as big and heavy as one of those art print books. Just the shipping expense the big envelope had was 5 dollars.





Now, off to read Shakespeare! I will let you all know how it goes.



One thought on “No more excuses… reading Shakespeare finally

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  1. I have yet to read an original Shakespeare play. I have read some easier versions but not the real thing. Thankfully, my children have all been introduced to Shakespeare's real stuff by a dear friend that loves Shakespeare. Glad you're taking the plunge. Some day, maybe I'll join you.


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