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Estimation and Election

Today is D day for us. A few weeks ago we read this book called Estimation from the Young Math Book Series. The book has a publishing date of 1970, the illustrations are delightful. I wonder if there ever was a time when women shopped in a checker board floor supermarket, with high heels, hat, and gloves. I even observed that at the background, there is a man in line with an angry face while the women in front is happily talking to the cashier. The rest of the illustrations are interesting in themselves, but the text is masterly crafted. After this book my girls started using the word estimate in their daily vocabulary. And best of all, they understand what it means. I say this because at times children use words before knowing fully what they encompass. That was my little one yesterday with the word OBSTINATE.

You cannot see it well, but the men at the back has an upset expression.


Woman knitting in high heals.

But what caught my total attention was the last page. I guess it is not politically correct to talk about politics, and that we will always get the heat for expressing our opinions, but frankly, I don’t care about political correctness because it has come to be (or maybe always was) a shield for the dishonest. Mine is a higher standard, that of being respectful when I write, comment, or correspond. If I keep this in mind, offending or not offending someone is not my priority, for I cannot control how you take what I write, and if I expect you all to be happy with everything I say, I will be trying to please you, and I will get distracted from expressing that which I hold to be of interest, beauty, or truth. If you differ in my opinion that is perfectly healthy, if I accuse you of offending me or of employing dishonest tactics for simply dissenting with my views, I am playing dirty and resorting to intellectual manipulation. I have a hard time stomaching those accusations and not responding rudely myself, I simply remember at those times that silence is surely golden.

I said while I read this page, that I know too well what happens when the estimate is not a good one. I wish for a president who can balance the budget and run the country with transparency and honesty. Is that too much to ask?


3 thoughts on “Estimation and Election”

  1. I have shopped in stores with checkerboard floors, and I remember shopping with my grandmother when I was little in the mid to late 60s. She dressed like that — not so posh, but definitely dressed up for going to town. She even dressed me up. Put my hair in rag curls the night before. My grandmother wore a dress and heels every day of her life. 🙂

    I love old books like that. They help me remember.


  2. That is soooo NEAT, Kelly!

    Yes, those Young Math series books are fantastic. The text is great, but the illustrations have an added charm and they teach too, that is for sure.


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