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The day I was told to shut up!

Yesterday as I was reading from Chapter 3 of The Wind in the Willows, assuming that the book is hard to follow because of the rich language, I interjected this, “Rat is now going to rescue Mole from the Wild Wood”, and my 5 year old daughter adamantly told me this,

Can you please not tell us the story but let the book tell us what is going to happen by itself?



8 thoughts on “The day I was told to shut up!”

  1. That is so funny! 🙂 I've had something similar happen but only when I would give the kids an overview of what I previously read the days before (in Pilgrim's Progress) so they would remember what was happening in the story and I am usually told, “You already read that. We know that part.” It is amazing how much they remember from books like these when we think the language is too much for them. But in reality we are training their minds and ears to prefer these kinds of words 🙂

    The Wind in the Willows is one of my favorites and very good read as an adult 🙂


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