How to buy a digital piano… and why

If you are like me, I grew up with no instruments or music in my home other than the radio, record player, (the ones with the needle… oh boy, it makes me feel old to write that), and later a walk-man and the perpetual recording TDK or Sony tape we had to coil all the time with a BIC pen.

Forward thirty years and today, as a homeschool mom, I want my girls to play music. They do play some recorder, and it is fun. But I simply want to be a piano home. I do not want to FORCE them to be what I am not, I do not want to imitate or pretend to be who we are not, I want to break the spell and be a piano home, with beauty, and music, and joy.

I did research before buying a piano. Our home is a mansion to me, but not one that allows for a piano. I looked at Craigslist all the time, and I was impressed to see that for 400 dollars or less we could acquire a piano, a good decent piano… but to that equation you need to add transporting, tuning, and space. And we do not have the space. So what to do? … I forgot to mention that we had to save the money for it, but my parents and sister were so generous, they transferred us the money and gave the girls a birthdayoftheoldest-birthdayoftheyoungest-christmas-andall-holidays present. Back to the dilemma. What to buy. There are keyboards. And keyboards are fun. We listen to Mike Oldfield and his arrangements for keyboard are pretty good sounding. But remember. I wanted us to be a PIANO HOME, not a sixties techno home.

Then I read about digital pianos. There are three type: the portable, the stage, and the upright, ranging from cheapest to most expensive. The portables are a good choice, but they look keyboardy and not pianoy, and I do not know there is any that replicates the true piano weight of the keys. The upright ones are grand as great is the price. Then the stage pianos, like the one we got, which can be put in a stand, and my home looks now like a middle class, piano wannabe family, but piano family indeed!

The look is humble, nothing to do with the presence and warmth of a true piano. My friend thought it was not a full 88 keys piano because the stand makes it look shorter than a regular piano. And if you want your child to play keys like those of a piano, this one we got, called CASIO PRIVIA PX 130, or the Yamaha DGX-500 are perfect. Why? Because they have WEIGHTED KEYS. Not lightly weight keys, but fully WEIGHTED keys like those of a classical piano.

We opted for the CASIO from Kraft Music, because their bundle package had a price on budget for us. I am the first one playing on it every day! I may even get classes for myself soon. I would love to.


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