Shaping Hearts for God, Teaching


It has been ages since I do not write in this blog… but teaching I have been! I truly enjoy teaching. There has been mornings as a public school teacher when I dreaded going to class, but it has never been because of the teaching, but because other type of issues such as bureaucracy, politics, bad atmosphere in the staff members group, despotic and erratic people in charge, or a child or two who had no place being there among the group on the terms we were asked to have them. Or worse, children whose parents I could simply not deal with the way it should be for the children’s sake and that tarnished my joy for teaching.

When we went to our vacation I could not teach any Sunday (or Wednesday) class, and we came in the middle of January, thus I did not sign up for the first trimester. But when our friends and brethren sold a house they had for sale for long (to our advantage), and my friend Mary Jane had to finally leave to her new home, I gladly took over to teach the K-1st class where my oldest daughter is.

And I say I gladly took over because she had already undertaken the change of bulletin boards and door and wall decorations, which are my least favorite parts of teaching. Well, not really, but if I happen to be busy, and I don’t have a partner to tag along with, and given that we live a bit far off the building, that spared me some time that I better use preparing the lesson. However, preparing some props or some things as the lesson goes (like a chart with the judges, sentence strips for memory verses, etc.), seems easier to me. I realize what I don’t utterly love is to have to run to the store for nicknacks here and there, since I’m always with the girls, and those errands that involve two or three places, plus going to the building and putting things up, seem just a bit cumbersome. However, talk me into it just a bit and throw an ice tea or some get together time with you, and I’m game!

This past year has been wonderful every time I’ve taught Sunday class. Why?, here you have the different reasons I think that have made it special:

  1. We have a curriculum, Shaping Hearts for God, that we parents teach at home, and then in class. That is great. I do the lessons at home, and that prepares me better to teach in class.
  2. Because I see most of the students more prepared, since they are working on the lesson at home, and the connections and ideas sink in better between them.
  3. The curriculum is really very nicely thought of, and it contains great elements: map facts practice, memory verses and memory work, and the lessons with presentation and application.
  4. Because I started last summer with the 4 and 5 year old children with Adam and Eve, and now I got specially Moses and the Judges and everything in between, and that is a fascinating part of the Old Testament that you can never learn enough about.

The first trimester with the 4 and 5 year old children was a bit hard, I taught Sunday and Wednesday, many just arrived to the class, and it was the new curriculum and changes, but with a couple of instances of them getting a bit out of line, it was truly MUCH FUN. We acted out A LOT, and they got much of the lessons through it.

Now, the first grade year and end of Kindergarten for the children, it’s the sweetest group you can teach. Their attention span is quite longer, they are excited about maps, writing, making their own diagrams and drawings to illustrate the stories and lessons, and BEST OF ALL, they are quite fascinated by Joshua, the battles, the Israelite behavior, etc. This whole term entitled I’M IN THE LORD’S ARMY has been wonderful.

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