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Shut in Box

We found this game for not much and we love it, it has more juice than it seems. There is strategy to use. I think you can easily make it yourself and it’s worth having.

I did not even know these variants that I plan to explore. But our box came with different rules. Ours says you throw both dice on your turn and start shutting the doors of the numbers that can add up to the dice sum. For example, in the picture, you could close 9 and 1, 5, 3, and 2, 6 and 4… you get the idea. If you have only numbers six and smaller, you can use both dice or only one, depending on what it is more convenient. When you can’t close more windows, you get the score like this. If 2, 6 and 9 are uncovered, your score will be 269. Lowest score wins. Then after you can’t play anymore, it’s the next player turn, until one player closes all and gets 0. Then the next to that player starts. The one with lowest score wins after an agreed number of rounds.

The second game is from the book From Head to Toe, from the I Love Math series. It is really nice for young children and siblings too.

Check other math books I recommend here.

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