Paddle to the Sea

This week, as we were reading chapter 19 of Paddle to the Sea , I thought about making a silhouette of a canoe and a second one for Paddle in a piece of cardboard from those writing pads we have, and the girls loved making their Paddles while they listened to the story.

After Blue Heart wanted to do a Santa, and Little Bean, her little sister joined, and they both made a Santa with his sleight and toy sack.

A week after this, they worked on backgrounds for Paddle to be able to navigate. This was after reading chapter 20, when he is found by a girl on a motorboat. We heard about Lake Huron being frozen, and about canoes made of birch trees. Our last Parables from Nature reading had a birch tree and other kinds, and our story of Snow White and Rose Read told us about the gnomes staying underground in the winter when it was frozen, and coming back to the woods in the spring.

 I made an incision with a cutter for Paddle to be able to move through the waters.

At home, it’s a fact that the girls listen best if their hands are busy. These days I’m sure I wait for them at the table with such a simple thing as this, they truly appreciate it.



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