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The Law of the Wood

Amy was right, Parables from Nature is a book we moms don’t want to miss. I’m not asking narrations from it, I read it in two or even three installments, and I give the girls some visuals of the characters involved so that they can be happily gluing those, coloring them, and having her hands occupied while I read.

Last week, our week 25, it was the turn for The Law of the Wood. It was no coincidence, I had to listen to that story. I’m the Spruce Fir tree, obstinate, confusing accommodation for weakness. My oldest daughter is wiser, like the Birch tree, she knows that without air to breath we die.

I know that and more, like they are persons, like we need to not provoke them to wrath… but I know it intellectually, my actions are not showing those principles as they should. I’m the mom, I’m the grown up, I know best. And thus I expect the best from them, but not the best in a humble and kind way, but in a competitive and suffocating manner. My friend Ellen’s post about testing was something else that, by no coincidence, I had to read this past week. I agree wholeheartedly with her, now I’m working on doing the walk, and not just the intellectual talk. I’m reminding myself  to live everyday according to the principles that guided us to a home education for the girls.

While reading The Law of the Wood, the girls were at times confused, but at others they got it! By the end of the story they knew a rough draft of what the author described, I soaked in the details and ramifications of her parable, and I’m looking forward to the next conversation with Mrs. Gatty.



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