Of Kindles and Friendship

My talented friend, Ellen, has a gift with her hands, and she can bring your dreams come true. Mine this time was to make my kindle a bit more spunky, vibrant, and pretty. The perfect excuse to get something created by her. I have a Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″, the one that it’s a plain e-reader no fuss no bells. This is a 3rd generation Kindle, and all I know it’s that the previous two generations have a funky shape, this was the liposuction model that came with a flat belly and slim body plus a drop in price. I love my poor kindle, she is always destined to come so short when we compare it to books, that’s why of late, I simply accept her as she is, and thanks to Ellen, I now hug her more often, 🙂

I needed to make the Kindle sturdier, when I see others handling it naked, I sweat like Monk, so at the time I got it I was sure to order a nice cover. I chose this red cover, but after one year the hinges were peeling off, though the cover was still in good condition. I wanted to keep the kindle in the inside cover, and get rid of the vertical flap, and Ellen was to sew a cover for the cover.

Her cozy shop is called TOTE-ALLY BLESSED, and that’s how I feel having her as my friend.



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