Delightfully Sweet

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.Not long ago my friend Gemma was desperately looking for more books in the All of a Kind Family series, byr Sidney Taylor. The first title is affordable, the rest are overtly pricey. She suggested me the sweet My Naughty Little Sister series.

I was truly lucky to find My Naughty Little Sister and More Naughty Little Sister Stories at PaperBackSwap. They are nice short stories. We are reading them and alternating them with our Grandma’s Attic stories.

From Madrid we brought two Martina’s books, which I don’t see in English at all, but there are some other series illustrated by Marcel Marlier, and we got these two, Debbie’s visit to the Countryside, and Mark and Michelle in the Forest. The English titles are some of the girls’ favorites, just a dab less adored than the Martina books. Those I’ve been reading very often since we got them.
And listening to Heather recommend books to another mother of a girl, we were reminded of our Betsy Tacy books, so we requested them from the library, and also our Milly Molly Mandy which that friend introduced us to, and gifted us with. My friend Marvan, who talked to us about the Martina books, says her two boys love them. Though this selection may seem very girlie, it does not have to be the case, I believe they will delight boys too, specially if alternated with some of your boys favorites.



3 thoughts on “Delightfully Sweet”

  1. By the way. I think my boys like the “Martina” stories a lot because of the wonderfull pictures of Nature and animals. Looking for the little dog, little mouse, or little ladybird somewhere in the picture is something they love. Also lots of the stories are related to nature or animals.
    As you say, they look very Girlish, but I agree they are for boys and girls and for all ages.


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