Thanksgiving is in the air

We are very close to leave to Europe, but Thanksgiving will be here among friends who are like family. Last Monday we went to a local farm with our hs group, and my husband joined in a beautiful weather day and a day full of fun for the children and grown ups alike.

You can see children reading the lovely map they give us at the entrance. They were fascinated with it for the simplicity yet the practicality of it.

Notice that we are all wearing short sleeve t-shirts. My daughter asked why do we have hot weather in November, and why doesn’t it rain here when it does in Galveston if we are in the same state. When I told you that the Fall is our Summer, I wasn’t exaggerating a bit. FINALLY we can go outside and not feel like a chicken roasting on the concrete.

 We went to the corn maze and a dad in our group saw this corn worm in it.
 Their gourd/ small pumpkin pick. Actually, Green Bean (my youngest), ended up picking an albino gourd.

At home we are enjoying a few Thanksgiving books we have. I don’t bother anymore trying to get any at the library, it’s almost impossible to get anything seasonal at the right season, so one summer we enjoyed How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?, and once we come back from the trip, I’ll check it out again. It’s a dear book that falls into what we may call living math.

I found The Landing of the Pilgrims for 50 cents at the library shelves, but that’s a book we’ll read later, for now we simply have these two picture books we enjoy,

Over The River and Through The Wood is a book based in a song with lovely illustrations which alternate black and white with color. There are several versions of the song, here you have one of them,

The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern is a well written book that captivated my seven year old girl. And I can’t wait to get The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh that I bough from a friend who was selling books in our group.

My friend Heather has two Kate Waters books that I saw yesterday, and they look interesting, with realistic photos, a recreation of the pilgrim times.

I saw the first one in our last book sale for forty cents, sigh, and I did not pick it, but my friend Heather got it! So I can borrow it until I come across it for sale again, if I’m ever that lucky!

Do you have any Thanksgiving book favorites? Songs, poems? That’s my next thing to do, to browse our poem books and find Thanksgiving poems and maybe a favorite to memorize.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is in the air”

  1. My two favorites are a picture book called Cranberry Thanksgiving, which is out of print and very expensive this time of year; and Stories of the Pilgrims, by Margaret Pumphrey, which I think is still being printed by Christian Liberty Press and is reasonably priced. It starts with the Seperatists in England, follows them to Holland and then to America. Really well written history told in stories, I used it as a read-aloud when my oldest was six or seven. It's perfect for that age and even younger children.


  2. Oh no, Kelly… I just saw the second book. The friend who sold me The Thanksgiving Story, a great book, had that one for sale too and now it's sold. I saw it on somebody else pile. Oh, well, I surely can buy it. As for the first one… who knows, maybe one day I can find it or afford it.

    Thank you for including your recommendations, they are highly valued.

    Thanksgiving books this year seem to be the good deals I have left pass in front of my nose.




  3. One of our family's favorites is The First Thanksgiving by Lena Barksdale and illustrated by Lois Lenski.

    It is the story of a little girl who's grandparents were at the first thanksgiving as children and carry on the tradition in their home (including inviting the Native Americans). The little girl travels far to make it to Thanksgiving at here grandmothers and hear the story for the first time. It is a short little chapter book, only 4 chapters, so we usually read it Sunday through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week as our family read aloud.


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