How to Train Your Dragon

I have never known of any other country that truly gives you things for FREE. Last Friday we went to watch a matinee for free. It was the girls second time in a movie theater. We all watched How to Train Your Dragon. I hadn’t even heard about the book either, I’d like to get it, since my daughters were so swept by the movie. I can’t wait to start reading Viking Tales, now they have something to relate Vikings to.

Back home they drew dragons endlessly. could have done a few things differently, but I was very pleased with the message of the movie. The dragons are very cute, the boy’s personality and the vikings are well depicted. I only wish they were more careful with the language, though it has nothing inappropriate, it is ‘movie’ language, watered down and just a bit silly.

We all have children that absolutely fall in love with language. If you read living books, which I know you do, your children imitate it, absorb it, and make it totally their own. Some of the words I remember that delighted me to hear from their mouths are,

Bickering, meddling, appropriate, brocade, plunge, except, accept, ignoring (me), punishment (this one is from Moses and the plagues), begging, conquer… so they don’t need to use the ‘egg head’, ‘duh’, or depict any of the children characters who are simpleton as talking like Beaves and Butt-Head.I guess since many speak like this, and they are not there to elevate us, but to make money, they never see things like some of us do.

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, I saw Blue Heart with a Scottish skirt and then I made the connection. She is trying to look like the girl, Astrid. I’m glad my girl’s skirt has no skulls and spikes though, 🙂 Astrid is a tough/sweet girl, I would have depicted her slightly different.


5 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon”

  1. We saw this. It's cute. How nice it was free.
    I love the new look here. One thing is missing Silvia. It's a word.. and I just can't believe you didn't use it anywhere on this page! (well once very small at the bottom.) Solve the mystery. Tag, your it.


  2. The book is very different from the movie, but it's pretty good in its way. I don't let my young children read them, though. My oldest daughter reads them aloud, editing them as she goes because there's a lot of potty humor.


  3. Oh NO!!! I thought the book was more polished than the movie! Ha ha ha… but if as you say it can be editable, I'll still consider them!
    However, I'm pondering over this saga that looks so inviting to me,
    I like it. You know I pass on Parables from Nature, and at the HS small sale in my group, I got to see the Wisdom and the Miller books and…. nope… I find them “goody goody”, but this Silver Falls, and Eli's Quest for Truth look wonderful, I love the first chapter you can preview of Wayward and the illustrations. Of course they have Bible parables and stories behind, but if the main story stands by itself with quality and not moralizing but truly well construed, I'm in!


  4. You'll be glad you've got the real book — the illustrations are a lot of fun, especially when you get to the book that the book is named after. 😉


  5. Well, we have five books out of I-don't-know-how-many, but “saga” makes it sound more Important than it is. This isn't the filet mignon of children's literature — more like the hot dogs and S'mores of children's literature.

    I'm afraid you're going to get your hopes up and expect something like Tolkien for little kids, and then you'd never take another book recommendation from me again.

    Did you know that there actually is Tolkien for little kids? Get his short story “Farmer Giles of Ham” if you can. It's wonderful — I can recommend it without reservation.


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