Classicly, books for Kindle

My kindle book sources are:
Project Gutemberg
The Baldwing Project
An Old Fashioned Education
Many Books 

And this place called KINDLE REVIEW Blossom has that I haven’t checked in detail yet.
and typing the book which sometimes appears complete for free at google books or one of the above.
For audio Librivox

But today, in my search to link to the Japanese Twins, this site popped up and I thought I’d share.

Please, if you know of places where to get quality books for the Kindle, add them in the comments and I will include them in this post since it may help others.


4 thoughts on “Classicly, books for Kindle”

  1. Awesome, thanks for the new link. I love all the resources that are popping up for the Kindle. Are you enjoying yours? I'm just so excited to have portable “picnic blanket” learning. 🙂


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