Book reviews


Sin principio ni fin by Avi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We found this book at the library in Spanish, and since we don’t have much Spanish selection, I took a chance with it.

Sin principio ni fin (Spanish Edition)I did not ask for narrations from this, it was a book just to listen to, but after many chapters we talked a bit about what happened, and I realized it was difficult sometimes, because this is no book that lets lots of things out to hear and see, but a book that invites to introspection without arabesques but still preserving a story line that engages children.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this short chapter book. It is now one of my favorites. Though the girls enjoyed it, I wonder if they did get all the levels of the book. I may give it a second round in English, but I believe the translation captured the language riddles that reminded me strongly of Alice in Wonderland. The humor and story is also Quixotic. Very simple yet intricate story. I recommend it, and the girls too.


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