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February – March Book List

Some books we read in February and we keep reading in March. (In bold, the girls favs). These are for children between 4-6 (I really don’t know, but those are my children ages, ha ha ha, so I guess anyone their age will enjoy them too!).
This is for 6 and older, maybe even 9. My daughters listened to the rhymes, but older children may get more of the fascinating reversible rhymes. I find it fascinating, and the author even writes at the end about how she started writing this type of poems, and encourages you to try your own.

* The Little Engine That Could
* Mirror Mirror (Marilyn Singer)
* El Gran Granero Rojo (Margaret Wise Brown)
* The Patchwork Path
* El Caballo Mágico de Han Gan
* Mama’s Saris
* The Scallywags
* Flotsam
* Pirate Pup (Caroline Stutson)
* Cosita Linda (Anthony Brown)
* The Very Busy Spider, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Quiet Cricket, Mr. Seahorse, Today is Monday (Eric Carle)
* Leo Linonni Favorites: Six Classic Stories
* Frog Went A-Courting, (Pictures by Feodor Rojankovsky)
* Geraldine’s Big Snow
* Over in the Meadow (Ezra Jack Keats)
The New Vestments (Edward Lear)
* The Popcorn Dragon
* Dogger (Shirley Hughes)
* Tikki Tikki Tembo
* Naughty Little Monkeys
* One Hundred Hungry Ants
* Samantha (Ellen Stoll Walsh)
* Bony-Legs (Joanna Cole). A vintage adorable book.
* Jack and the Beanstalk (Lucy Book Club). Vintage too.
* I Love You Mouse (John Graham, Tomie dePaola)
* The Little Red Hen (Paul Galdone)
* Stuff and Nonsense  (Compiled by Laura Cecil). We read: Johnny -cake by Joseph Jacobs, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, German tale (similar to Strega Nonna).
* The Elves and the Shoemaker (Bernadette Watts)
* The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (Mordicai Gerstein)
* The Riddle (Retold by Adele Vernon)
* The Unicorn and The Moon (Tomie dePaola)
* Lon Po Po (Translated and Illustrated by Ed Young)
* The Camel Who Took a Walk (Jack Tworkov)
* The Value of Believing in Yourself (The Story of Louis Pasteur)

* The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease

* The Poetry of Robert Frost (AO book, year 6)
*To Have and to Hold (Richard Rhodes)* The Scarlet Pimpernel
* Flower Chronicles, Hollingsworth
* The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer
* Tom Sawyer
* The Good Earth
* Robin Hood
* Timmy Green’s Blue Lake
* I Spy Treasure Hunt
* Robert frost stopping by woods on a snowy evening illustrated by Susan Jeffers
* About Birds, Cathryn Sill
* No se salta en la cama
* Little House in the Big Woods
* Moon-Watch Summer, Lenore Blegvad
* Mrs. Pepperpot’s Outing
* The Birds of America, by John James Audobon
* A Tale of Two Cities
* I Am a Duck, M.G.Wilkins
* The Contests at Cowlick
* By Syd Hoff: Walpole, Barkley, Oliver, The Horse in Harry’s Room, Grizzwold, Sammy The Seal, Danny and the Dinosaur
* First Discovery Books: Houses, All About Time, The Universe, Landscapes, Bees, Atlas of Countries
* Aesop’s Fables
* The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Loftin
* It’s Me Hippo, Mike Thaler
* The Surprise Party, Annabelle Prager, Tomie de Paola
* Full Moon, Brian Wilcox
* We Sing Around the World (this is a tape and booklet with songs from different places)
* The Monster Bed, Jeanne Willis
* A Most Unusual Lunch, Robert Bender
* Just Me, Marie Hall Ets
* The Story of Holly and Ivy
* Talking Wire. Edna Walker Chandler
* The New Junior Classics. Vol. 4, Hero Tales
* The Moffats, Eleanor Estes
* Lassie Come-Home
* Mr. Tompkins in Paperback
* I’ll Fix Anthony, pictures by Arnold Lobel
* Tawny Scrany Lion (I believe we have this in a Golden Book Animal Collection)
* A Little Golden Book: The Princess and the Pea, Jack and the Beanstalk
* Using Your Head (A Children’s Book about Effective Thinking and Learning)
* Contrasts, Animals by Day and Night
* Morris Has a Cold
* The Hungry Thing, Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler
*The Hungry Thing Returns
* A First Look at Insects, Millicent E. Selsam
* The Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head
* Free Fall, David Wiesner
* The Yearling
* What’s Under My Bed?


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