Trail Riders

Preparing for the Houston Rodeo, different trail riders are crossing our parks and roads with their horses and riders. Today some in my homeschooling group met them at a nearby park and the children had a full day of play, fun, and their cowboy fix. My little one told a lady “I have never seen a real cowboy in all my life”. Well, surely she has today, and a modern cowboy, that is, with a cell phone, sunglasses, camera, portable toilets that travel with them, but the same old HOWDY, YEEHA, and the same love for horses and cattle.
They were greeting us and warning us not to get close because IT STINKS… However, we got close. Some kids got on the horses, others could only pet them because they were getting a bit nervous about the children, and I guess they wanted some time for lunch and some rest.



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