Rebekah becomes a bride

Rebekah becomes a bride

We are studying about Rebekah becoming a bride, and this is my oldest daughter picture that I showed the children when we learned about Eliezer, Rebekah and Isaac.

We acted this out with fake jewels, and with a pitcher for Rebekah and a bowl to give water to Eliezer and the camels. They were ten camels.

The story goes like this. Abraham was getting old, he was 175 old, and concerned about Isaac his heir, he thinks about finding a wife for him. He doesn’t want her to be from Canaan because they are idol worshipers in that land, he then sends his trustful servant, Eliezer, to his home in Haran to find a bride.

Eliezer prays to God to send him a girl who will give him and his camels water, before his prayer ended, Rebekah, daughter of Bethuel and sister of Laban, approached him with a smile and offered to draw water from the well for him and his camels. Eliezer gives her an earring and two bracelets made of gold. Rebekah asks her family if they can host the man she met in the well, and when they received Eliezer, he tells them his story. They agree to give her in marriage to Isaac, however her family wants her to prepare for the wedding for a few days, but Eliezer insists on leaving back to Canaan right away. They ask Rebekah, she says yes, and they start the long journey back. Once in Canaan´s land, a man comes in the distance, it is Isaac, Rebekah receives him covering her face with a veil. Isaac takes her to his tent, makes her his wife, they celebrate their wedding and we are told they loved each other dearly.

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