Abram and Lot

Abram and Lot

We had four great lessons on Abram and Lot. We learned about them both, their men fighting, them going different ways, about God´s visit to Abram, the name change, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the two angels visit to Lot and his wife turning into a salt statue and dying.

We sang Aleta’s song on the Promises to Abram, and I used the Abeka cards to tell them about Abram and Lot’s men fight, how Abram gave Lot first choice when he decided to part different ways, and how Lot chose the valleys close to Sodom and Gomorrah.

I have discovered I like this lesson very much. I can relate to our decisions when they are based on worldly gain or when they are taken with God first in our heart, and also the teachings on the danger of looking back, which means all that we long for or dwell about from the time we weren’t christians, such as when we miss what we used to do, bring some things to our memory, or keep focusing on our past life when so many of those moments, people, or places, should not get our attention anymore.

The children liked specially the part when Lot goes to the city to tell his daughters and sons in law and they mock him, because when we acted it out they could be “bad” in their pretend, and tell Lot “go away, we are having fun, nothing is going to happen to us”. Once again another good lesson. If we don’t exercise a godly influence by our example in our children, they won’t hear us when we try to lead them to God. Or maybe they will, but our chances diminish considerably.


Lot’s wife looks back. That they liked to act out. We used to “run slowly” and when I said “Look back!” they did and froze, and fell down because we died like Lot’s wife. Many points in these lessons we have had learning about Abram and Lot, such as this with Lot’s wife. Sometimes I struggle with looking back too, or wanting to look back, but then I also remember the promises that God made to Abram, and I too remember all the promises we have if we resist temptation. I also brought ROCK SALT to class to show them what that statue will be made of. I learned about brimstone too myself.

We discuss name changing, and the girls liked to know Sarah means princess, of course! And since we learned about all this in a disorderly manner, for the last day I brought a big piece of butcher paper in which I wrote this:

Abram and Lot              God visits Abram            Two Angels visit Lot

I had written several key words of the three lessons in sentence strip paper, and gave them to the children who came to the front to glue them under the corresponding title. Then with those words we repeated the whole lesson in sequence one more time. Many children remembered again details, more than the classic good and bad, or just the “main big points”, but details of how Abram greeted the three men that were God and two angels. And I believe it is the case because we had acted that out with some bread, a container and towels for washing the feet, and some plates and glasses, as well as a calf… but that is really an idol, and my daughter said “mom, we killed and idol”, so I had to explain that they killed a calf and I used that idol we had in class to pretend it was the calf.


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