Illustrating Bible Stories

Illustrating Bible Stories

I went to a nun school for girls for the first couple of my elementary years. I have good memories of those years. My favorite classes were those in the afternoons when we illustrated the Bible accounts or stories. The rest of my years I never received any other teachings in spiritual matters until I heard the Gospel, and obeyed It. But those endless days illustrating the story of Moses, of Joseph and Mary, Noah and the ark, remain vivid and are kindly regarded.

I homeschool my daughters and at times they both can be restless and not cooperative about something I am trying to show them or teach them. But the one thing they have always received with joy and wonder have been His Wonderful Words of Life. Whether read from one of our Bibles for children, or told by my husband or myself, they are simply fascinated by these accounts. I know this is not a mere coincidence. I know that children hunger and thirst for THE LORD. And  nothing could be more delightful to me than to read or tell His Word to them and see how they get a paper to start illustrating the story. As they draw, they delve into it, meanwhile I listen, try to answer their questions, ask others that come to my mind, or share what the teachings mean to me.

Do not get a wrong idea of perfection. Many days my heart is not fully invested on studying Bible with the children or by myself, there are times we start loosing focus, and then we pray, we come back to the path and (as our preacher reminded us this past Sunday), we see the need to rekindle our zeal for the Lord and our consistency studying His Word and we get at it.

Illustrating Bible stories is a great anchor to teach children about the Lord. It is also easy to elaborate a bit on the lessons in no time. For example, today, as we learned about Lot and since I had rock salt, they added some to his wife in the pictures they were drawing. The Bible is a wonderful connection to many other teachings. Apart from history it also contains math, biology, medicine, natural science, even chemistry. Today I kept thinking about brimstone and googled it. I learned a bit about it and I know one day this will came handy and it will be revisited in more depth.


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