crafts and visual aids

Crafts and coloring pages in Bible class

Some of us believe there is no need to do a craft when we teach and learn about the Bible with children, no matter if they are little. Being hands on doesn’t necessarily imply you have to do crafts, color or cut.
My friend Aleta says she doesn’t like to compete with a crayon for attention. Everytime you put colors or materials on the table the mind of the children (and grown ups alike) shifts from the lesson to the colors, shapes, textures, and shinny materials provided.

I can’t help but being critical about the abuse of the crafts. It is as if we were lost in the leaves of the crafty department and could not see the forest (teaching His Word) anymore.
Does this mean I never do crafts or color with my girls or the students I teach? NO. I do enjoy bringing a simple craft that we will later use to act out the story, or to discuss the Bible story again, or that will give the parents a memory verse or a little something to promote more conversation about the lesson. However, I understand this craft as a wrap up, a culmination of the lesson, not an intrinsic or main part of the lesson. I sing or talk about how the craft ties into the lesson while they do it. After a while their minds start to come back to the lesson from the thrill of using glue, glitter, yarn, etc.
I can write and show many of the things we have done, and I will. However, I truly want you, reader, to leave this blog with the idea that an effective teacher and a good class doesn’t involve cute bulletin boards, or exciting crafts, but preparing, being solid on the details and lesson being presented, and doing other things I will keep telling you about in this blog. Stay tuned! 🙂


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