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Worth it? YES, every bit of it. So far it is all I envisioned and more. Does it mean no more book buying? NO, absolutely NOT, but it is a handy gadget to have when a lot of the books you use are public domain, several in Kindle format, many in PDF.
Are PDF books very comfortable to read or navigate? Not as much as Kindle books, but if you put it horizontally they are certainly much more comfortable than to read from the computer screen or laptop.
I have increased my reading, I LOVE my Bible reading with a comfortable font and light weight. I use and old light that consumes the batteries in a night and a half, but NO PROBLEM, I have two sets of rechargeable batteries and I never run out of light.
Fun moments: Our evenings cuddled in bed with the girls taking turns to pass the pages of the Kindle and holding a flashlight, and reading The Seven Little Sisters Who Live in a Ball…
Interesting things: I have read again or finished reading several of the SCM free booklets and Stephanie´s free biography of Charlotte Mason, (look under free stuff) and it was very pleasant to do.
Curiosity: I can read your blog posts, and I do occasionally, from it.
Bonus: There are not many Kindle books in Spanish, but there are several precious PDF books, poems, fables, etc, that are great to read for free.



5 thoughts on “Kindle”

  1. Funny you mention that about the absurdity of not buying more books. I was in our favorite book shop one day, and I mentioned to one of the employees that I have a Kindle. He was aghast! While I understand that the Kindle, in certain hands, might hurt the stores a bit, I don't think there's any real danger of people throwing out there book books and switching solely to digital. I've actually increased my book buying since the Kindle. Not sure how that's related, but I feel that the Kindle only enhances my love of books, makes available to me books that I would never be able to touch otherwise. I can't afford to drop two hundred on a collectable out of print 150 yr old book. So I download the freebie. But that's certainly not going to stop me from jaunting down to my book store and filling a basket with lovely picture books. Enjoy your Kindle, Silvia. And Happy Birthday!


  2. I totally agree with you, Heather. And as you say, the Kindle so far has only increased my desire to search, preview, and even buy or write on the to buy list more books… And it has increased my reading time too! I guess if you read more you want to have more books, right? We should write the sequel “If you give a voracious reader a Kindle”, ha ha ha.
    To me is a reading enhancing tool, and also a money and space saver when it comes to using some books if you travel, or if we go out in the backyard and read while the girls are in the swings. (Mind also that many of the contemporary writers have their kindle versions for not little, either, so they sell their book).

    We miss you!


  3. Silvia, I've had my Kindle one week and am loving it, too! Like you, I don't foresee the Kindle having much of an impact on my book-buying as not everything I want/need is available for Kindle, anyway. Plus, I can't see reading the Kindle in the bathtub, where I like to read! 🙂


  4. Ellen….:))) Yes, it is not in competition with buying books, it is just a nice gadget for book lovers to have as well as books…DID I mention I got De Angeli for only 75 cents, Gyo Fujikawa's Oh What a Busy Day!, a classic from the 70's, for 75 cents too, and Animal Tales by Ernest Nister, a reproduction from an Antique Book with vintage pop up illustrations…well, a whole treasure for less than ten dollars. See, I keep buying books! I went to buy some for a birthday present and I always find some I like.
    Glad you are enjoying your Kindle, I was actually wondering how the experience was for you!


  5. Do you know? I was just doing a search recently to find out if folks used a Kindle in home-ed and voilà, here is your post! It is probably going to encourage us to get one – mainly in our case, because with our economics, it might work out financially better.

    I do have questions though. Do you foresee the children using it by themselves? And how would it work if there were 2 books to be used that were both on the Kindle?

    I'm perhaps asking questions that are specific to our situation and nobody elses, so no stress if there is no answer!

    And do you find the cover useful?

    Obviously the Kindle is really catching my attention 🙂



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