I found this in an online net of
old books book stores in Spain.
My sister got it for us. THANKS

Did you know about this online bookstore? (WARNING: it is very slow charging but it comes up eventually). I did not know about it, I stumbled upon it yesterday, and I found out that though not BBB (best business bureau) approved, they have an A+ rating and they have been on business from 2003. I placed an order last night and I have gotten confirmation of the order, and one of the two books has already been shipped. Shipping to Canada is 2.99, and to the rest of the world 4.99, which I find decent.

They don’t charge shipping at But still check with Amazon or, because with shipping those other companies can be cheaper. has reduced shipping on additional books from the same seller too.

Those online companies, library sales, and used books book stores are my main source of finding the books that compose much of our curriculum.

I use paperbackswap, the CM and AO book selling groups, and homeschool classified, what else do you use to buy books?


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