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Preschool Years new section

Thanks for the response to the new Resources By Silvia’s website I recently launched. It had over a thousand visits the first three days. That tells me that many of you have hopefully benefited from knowing about it and maybe gotten some ideas from it.

Some asked me if I was going to include their blogs in it, and I plan to do so in the category or categories that those blogs are the best fit for those looking for resources.

My ultimate goal is to review most of the resources listed and many of the blogs too, but it will take me some time (probably I will never be finished with this, ;-).

Hope you enjoy the PRESCHOOL YEARS new section.


1 thought on “Preschool Years new section”

  1. Thank you for including me in your Resources by Silvia website! I am truly honored, my friend. As I get more and more posts, I wonder how to organize my blog better. My right columns are filling up and I could utilize “pages” better. If you have some suggestions, please let me know. I wish I had photo buttons like yours. So much to learn about web design. God Bless you Silvia for being so helpful to homeschoolers. Love ya, Cori


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