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Pictureless Post

There are days you can’t narrate with words,  no pictures to go with those moments inventing together this journey we call homeschooling. Times filled with so many  unplanned reality bites that they surprise you eager to meet life but unprepared for your virtual existence, unable to snap shots with your digital weapon. Other times you load your gun and you post, you upload and share the fruits of your ordinary life and the screen performs an instant plastic surgery, your life now looks extraordinary. But wait, may be our life is extraordinary after all, forlorn treasure buried in dirt, in a coma under a sad pile of dishes.

In these weeks away from the blog, I’m learning to be INVISIBLE, I’m blogging about family privately, and I’m ready to come back and write a post here and there, no rush. I’ve been meditating on the blessings of homeschooling, wanting to share with you the thoughts and principles I believe in with heart and soul, the post I neglect when I get distracted, the truths I unconsciously mute when I sheepishly  listen to the mundane noise and rattle of the world and its mass media gods. Those thoughts are distinctively clear in a loud rainy day, you can see them at night while you tailgate, they are sweetly encrypted in the stars of a September night with a code you’ve memorized with your nursery rhymes. It is a screaming epiphany written in that paper between your grocery list and your child’s drawing. These truths are too small to fit the important people, they are far from the reach of those running the rat race, always busy, faster, younger. They belong to the infinitesimal, to the anonymous, to the women who have no blogs and to those who write with home made ink, to the tired father who still crafts complicity…These truths are like the hair of our head, mortals can name and number them, but only God can count them.

Ready or not, here I come…(please laugh with me, not at my audacity to make a list of them).

* Our children are born persons (this has been known by many, stated by our Creator, and I recognize it in my being).

* Their destiny doesn’t belong to me, can’t be molded by me, but I can gently brush my heart by its side.

 * I have been given the priviledge of seeing my children experience life, soak in His Truth, Beauty, and Law, and there was an extra ticket for this journey that allows me to ride with them and opens my mind to new frontiers.

* I have lived 39 years trying to remove the bumps of our road, clownish attempt that blinded me to how picturesque and valuable those obstacles make our path.(The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.. Ecclesiastes 7:4).

I’m excited to write here again. I don’t know how much or how often, but I’ll keep sharing these trivialities that are the marrow of Silvia Cachia.


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