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Fairwell Post ~ Revisited

Mediterranean House Gecko that we found in our small bathroom

I started the blog to keep the resources for our homeschool in one place and handy, and a blog was the best place to tuck all the other blogs that caught my interest and that I’ve been reading and enjoying during the time I’ve been present in this medium.

Before the blogs I used to have lots of pictures public at FLICKR, I belonged to different groups and use to give and receive lots of comments that helped me improve my photographic skills. It came to a point that it was very consuming for me. Though there is no need to leave comments on those who comment in your photo stream, I found I ‘had to’, if not all the time at least frequently, and that put a toll on me.

After I left flickr I joined Facebook for a couple of months. I did not like it, I felt the need to go to it all the time and see what others were writing, doing, commenting, so I decided to leave that too. Then I was searching about Charlotte Mason when I found Ambleside Online, and with that I joined some yahoo groups. The comments and topics that were being discussed were very interesting to me, that and blogging in the homeschool community came all together at that time for me.

Some blogs don’t have comments activated, that maybe a solution for some. Not receiving public comments but some emails may be more manageable, you don’t feel the rush to answer to your friend who left a comment, or to have to read them all, even if you use bloglines or a different reader, 😉

However, I need to see if I can be without blogging or thinking about how to improve the blog, at least for a good while, before coming back to it, with the risk of not being in touch with dear friends I’ve made along the way. So many you can see them in my left column where I have all their inspiring blogs. Actually this decision is something I had been thinking for a long time.

So I’m taking a sabbatical break from it. In the meantime I may think about how to handle future blogging. I may do this once a month, or once every quarter…I’ll see. As for the previous posts, I’m leaving them for now, I may take off the more personal ones just because as other blogger said it’s weird to leave pictures of your children behind.

Since this stays as my most visited post, I had to revisit it. As you can see, I am still here, always learning that balance between life, obligations, and the blogs. I keep revisiting how long I blog, and the topics and direction to give to this writing in the blogs, but I am not ready to give up your friendship!


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