How to read all COMMENTS you make and receive in any blog in one page

I wrote this blog about BLOGLINES and other readers, and one blogger, Nancy, from Sage Parnassus got her reader installed with FeedBurner, but I still couldn’t subscribe to her comments. I can only do that if the blog has this widget you see to the left.

To install that button in blogger you’ll go to the design page, choose add a widget, and look for the SUBSCRIPTION LINKS one as you see in the picture to your right.

Then once you sign up with bloglines, google reader, or another reader, you will be able to subscribe to the posts AND COMMENTS of your favorite blogs, and will be able to read them all in a page like this:

Thank you Nancy for doing as I harassed suggested you to do. Reading all comments in one page instead of hunting for them in different blogs and posts or having new comments and posts inundate my email is saving me a lot of time, and I want to help others to save theirs and stay connected.

Thanks for being patient with this blog freak I’m turning into!


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