Books for Breakfast Under One Roof

Heather loves to write. She desired to have a blog she told me a month ago, and now she has it. Books for Breakfast is her cozy corner where she writes about children literature and life happenings with her children and family. Heather has a natural talent for writing, and she walks across children’s literature territory with a steady step and contagious passion.

Her mom blogs at Under One Roof. There you can read her thoughts about life together, parents and their daughter, son in law, and grandchildren UNDER ONE ROOF, learning the true meaning of tolerance, respect, love, and juggling the art of  sharing one space, with its rough edges and its many joys.
These women have talent, they both have stories to share, words to encourage you and to make you laugh. I know many of you who read me appreciate a good blog that has soul, and these blogs are weaved with that intimate fiber.

Both mother and daughter write because writing is therapeutic, because writing makes small moments last forever in our memory, because we can breath better as we pound the keyboard. I know they write whether others read them or not, but I can also assert that it means a lot to them as it means to us all when we have an occasional comment or  an exchange of words with others who populate our ‘blog world’.

3 thoughts on “Books for Breakfast Under One Roof”

  1. Silvia,
    Thank you so much for the encouragement. Wow! I am truly enjoying myself. As much as I love to write, I realize that Heather has a gift much farther reaching than mine. I could not be any more delighted. It is so exciting for me to see her finally be able to exercise the gift. I have heard and believe with all my heart that a true writer writes because of love for writing not for publication.
    Thanks again.


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