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Man’s True Happiness

Our lesson last Sunday evening was about true happiness. Our preacher talked about how the Bible tells us what true happiness is:

* Fellowship with God
* Fellowship with other humans
– Work

* A relationship with God’s creation

We can read this in the Bible in the book of Genesis, Ecclesiastes and others. Happiness resides in these things mentioned, not in riches, or fame, and ultimately not in this world either.

Does this sound familiar with Charlotte Mason’s idea of an education as a science of relations?

1 thought on “Man’s True Happiness”

  1. You are right. Happiness is definitely a choice, a way of looking at the world throught God's eyes and does not include the next promotion or acquisition. It's funny, I just posted about C's birthday and wondered about big parties. I go back and forth. What is your opinion about birthdays?


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