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Book findings and friends generosity

Last Saturday we went to our public library sale, and we met another homeschooling mom of a girl my oldest daughter’s age. I found many great living science books and literature books for the girls that were 3 for $1, and before we left, I saw another table where several classics were laying together for ME to pick. Plato complete dialogues, War & Peace, The Three Musketeers, The Great Gatsby, Little Women, Anne of the Green Gables, The Swiss Robinson Family, The Secret Garden, and ALL unabridged, original versions. We brought so many good titles for a few dollars.
In the girls selection we found this science book titled Prove It, and we have done a couple of experiments with it. One for the challenge of Meni’s Blog. We brought two France’s series books which are the girls ultimate favorites, and more amazing findings we’ll be revealing little by little.

I did not mention yet we were also given many books by a friend from church who homeschooled her son his junior high years. She gave us some interesting science books, a children’s dictionary, some of the series “What a _____ grader needs to know”, Great Expectations, Tom Sawyer, Historian’s Fallacies, a book to make kites (the girls already made one today), and that black thing with a white rubber band at the bottom right is the game BATTLESHIP, yeah baby.

I almost forgot. I found The complete Winnie the Pooh works by A.A. Milne at the library shelves for $1, and the Blue Fairy Book at the thrifty store for 50 cents.


9 thoughts on “Book findings and friends generosity”

  1. WOW!!! How wonderful. That Little Women I read 2 summers ago for the first time as an adult in the unabridged. I fell in love with it. You got some amazing deals. The 2 bargains you mentioned last…praise the Lord! Ps. Love your new header. It is so eclectic!


  2. Silvia SCORES!!! Oh, my – for years, library sales were my favorite extra-curricular activity. I think my friends and I have exhausted most sales in a 150 mile radius. I'm so glad God blessed you with such an exciting day. Good for you!


  3. Pam: thank you. I also enjoy stopping at your blog and reading your book suggestions.

    Maria: gracias. Es cierto que tenemos bastantes gangas en cuanto a libros se refiere por aquí. Ojalá y por allí también tengáis de estas ventas de vez en cuando.

    Nancy: 🙂 For the ice cream you've been enjoying I'd love to be your neighbor, but not for the library sales…a 150 miles radius (I'd be left with all the twaddle after your raid)


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