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Marshmallows Math

 I enjoy graphs with edible things like marshmallows, cheerios, even with non edibles such as pasta, grains and legumes. Children learn a lot of high level concepts.

For this I drew a very plain grid with white crayon on black construction paper to see the marshmallows better. I made four ten square lines (one per color). I gave my oldest a bunch full of marshmallows (they were twenty, but I did not count them). I asked her to count all, she put them in the grid, counted by ones. Then I asked her to group them and she put them by colors in the grid.

We had 7 white

5 green

4 yellow

4 pink

Then she started to tell me the white had three more than the pink and yellow, that pink and yellow had the same.

I put a ruler vertically to cut by the four so she could see the green had one more and the white three more than the yellow and pink.

Then we practiced addition. I asked her how many pink and white altogether. She put them in the line and I reminded her each full line where 10, then she said 11 without counting. We did the same with white and green, and she said 12.

You can do addition, subtraction, graph, and with older kids you can study probability, even discuss why they think there are always more white than any other color, use more difficult grids, multiplication…


2 thoughts on “Marshmallows Math”

  1. Marshmallows! What a fantastic idea! I recall using dried beans (BORING!) in the past, and we use dull, old units cubes now. I think I'll jazz things up a bit with some marshmallows next time.


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