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Dominoes and Mobius Strip

We checked Domino Addition from the library, and did the addition mountain with our dominoes, and we read one from Mathemagic and did the Mobius Strip for math today. We are truly loving this living math approach.
Yesterday at the park we got to see the fishes in the pond being fed. A guy was coming with their food so we could appreciate their mouths coming to the surface of an otherwise cloudy dirty water. The ducks were coming pretty close to us too. Today my oldest is drawing ducklings. We met homeschoolers from a secular homeschooling group in Houston, and played and chat with them. One of the boys was making animals with long balloons and gave the girls a puddle and a Dashound like our dog.

The Mobius strip is a loop with only one side. If you cut it in the middle, it won’t split in two but will become longer.


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