Book reviews

Book Reviews

We finished “A Cote of Many Colors” by Jeanette Oke, we have one more of her titles and there are others at the library we’ll check in time. It was about pigeons, and we read “Home in the Sky” again, by Jeannie Baker.
We continue with our readings about CATS, I’ll post once we are finished with all the readings we brought for this ‘fortnight’. That word is from Peter Rabbit, we are listening that and a couple other Potter’s stories in audio. We also got “Little house in the big woods” unabridged on CD, and the girls wanted to check the Pretenders 50’s radio show, children’s theater stories, again. They love the tale of Bluebeard, and The Youth who learned to shiver and shake.
We have an Inter Library Loan, “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose: the Story of a Painting”, and we enjoyed it more knowing it’s a true story, and the paintings by John Singer Sargent and other illustrations in it are very bucolic.

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  1. Yes!! I was thrilled to find the book Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose after we had studied the painting! We were fascinated by the story and especially that Sargent knew Monet – who we are now doing. I am defintely going to hang Chinese paper lanterns around the wrap-around porch this summer… I'll be sure to post pictures!


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