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Classical Education versus Charlotte Mason

In searching for what will be our personal home schooling model, philosophy, principles, and ultimate path for the girls, I have gravitated between Charlotte Mason and Classic Education as presented mainly by Susan Wise Bauer in the Well Trained Mind.

Both approaches or compendiums of thoughts and principles, and their practical lay out in curriculum suggestions and overviews have many points of overlap but when you scrap them to the bone, they differ and you have to decide. (Decision, such a crucial part of our live, as Charlotte Mason clearly pointed. Others can’t decide for us).

From Susan Wise Bauer’s philosophy, I agree with the goal of ‘conversing’ with authors of all times, and the emphasis on time lines, systematic learning, and the study of Latin.


4 thoughts on “Classical Education versus Charlotte Mason”

  1. Hello Silvia! I am not good at using blogs, so I hope this is an appropriate way to connect with you! I am (by the miraculous work of God) starting a small bilingual school in my little town in PA. I am not a Spanish speaker, but have gathered a great group of people around me to help. I was delighted when I found your works on Charlotte Mason translated into Spanish!! Thank you so much!!! I have been a homeschooler for years and have such a desire to share the “sprirt” of homeschooling with my larger community, and to include the large Spanish speaking community around us. It feels a little impossible, but it is coming together. Would you be willing to email me so that I could get some more suggestions from you of other resources we could be using? I am also looking for someone to come and do a teacher training about implementing the ideas of Charlotte Mason into our school. Is this something you could do? We need Spanish and English, but could also use a translator. Please email me! Thanks so much!

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    1. Hi, Sheena. It sounds wonderful, your initiative. I’m not a consultant, though, I just have the blog and books out for others to use in the best way possible. I wish you the best in your endeavor. Local efforts are always so rewarding.
      All I have you can see here. I wish I had more time to keep translating, or to travel and be a consultant, or to organize workshops, etc. Right now I am actively busy with my daughters and home.
      Best wishes,


      1. Thank you Silvia! I completely understand! I am working now for a few hours while my children do their required PA testing, but I very much value my time with them while we are together. I am thankful for the resources you have here, and have purchased your books through Amazon for my Spanish speaking teachers. Would you know of any other like minded, Spanish speakers who have the experience of using Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and would be interested in sharing with our teachers? If so, please feel free to share my contact! Thank you and God bless you and your family!

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