At a time when our government is getting more debt and spending irresponsibly, we in my household are different, trying to live the frugal life. I saw Michelle Obama yesterday in YouTube because since we don’t watch TV to spear ourselves of the pain of watching and listening to our public figures and media, but we have to know what we are facing. She spoke 3 years ago and up to today in many public schools and other places about how we have an ’empathy deficit’. We speak about things without realizing she was ‘talking about herself’. She spoke about how the ‘government of the time’, the one before her husband’s, never asked us to send a can of food or a donation to our military personnel…that’s the thing, we in our congregation and in many groups, we have a surplus of empathy, we spend our life cooking meals for each other, giving away things, trading, preparing bags and boxes for those in need here and abroad, and yet Michelle Obama was claiming that the prior government was failing to make us have compassion and charity.

As she spoke, the camera pointed to a puzzled audience, some of their faces were frowning such as saying, is she claiming I don’t have compassion, I don’t care about my neighbor? Since when is it the role of the government to force charity down our throats? She says there are many great public schools but they are not accessible to everyone, only those living in good neighborhoods, those who happen to be in the right place. That we parents, as long as our children are fine don’t care about others…again I do not understand this people who claim that we are cynical and hypocrites, and who fall in the same trap themselves. If she were aware of history, she will know that the problem with better public schools in more affluent places (or at least more attractive schools) is a consequence of the FORCED COMPULSORY EDUCATION that did away with many choices that parents had and were involved in, even the so called ‘poor’ were able to afford those private or parroquial schools. This woman believes equality is achieved by the government managing our life, whether it is our health, or our education.

Big government is going to eradicate injustice, poverty, bring excellent education, and that by a monumental plea to empathy, charity, compassion, tolerance…It is not the place of the government to deal with morality, Mrs. Obama, or to manage our resources by demanding more from us to later throwing it down the drain in big and empty programs that, as always, make the rich richer and the poor poorer. You have failed your lesson in politics. Our government is the one who strengthens us internationally, and secures the conditions under which we, individuals, can thrive in our initiatives. Do not be so concerned please about the values I have or lack, do not be so adamant in reproving us when you say we only ‘care about our children’. If we raise them to be good citizens we would have accomplish more than if we, in vain and empty words try to care for others when we haven’t even helped our family first.

These socialistic minds believe that government can superimpose charity, wealth, empathy. We are talking about the same couple who have spend lavishly in their life style and preach to the plebe on values, empathy, compassion. A first lady who went to a food fund raiser wearing $540 pair of shoes. That’s the debt she is causing to her account in that empathy bank they talk about.

My empathy account is full, my Christmas this year will be as usual not focused on ‘spending’ but on sharing and caring for others around me. I’m not perfect, I surely can do better, but it’s Christ who tells me, not any human government.

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