Charlotte Mason Group, science/nature

Next date, Monday September 27th, 2010

We’ve decided to make our meetings every other week. If you want to host a nature walk, please let me know.

Hosting means you choose Monday or Friday of that week and you choose where we’ll meet at 10:30. A park of your choice, your backyard, any area where we can walk and observe nature. You don’t have to do anything else but to propose the place and day (Monday or Friday). The week of the 27th is open for hosting. In case nobody hosts I’ll choose the day and park.

Today we had our first nature walk and it was GREAT. Devon, Kim and Lizette came with their children, and Rochelle found us, even with the vague description of the park I gave! I apologize, Rochelle, for not given good directions (see, Kim and Marcy are great about that, I’m so bad oriented that I don’t really understand why I do not pay attention to this that I appreciate when others get right for me 😉 On top of it, I must be the only person in the group without a cell phone (;-)

However, Rochelle found us and gave us a great tour around a park we always visit and that sincerely, I had no idea it had so much to look at. From erosion to plants, seeds, flowers, butterflies, fireflies, moths, weeds, trees, and, as Rochelle says, LOTS of insects.

The little ones were fascinated playing with sticks in the dirt, and we walked and learned our lesson about nature walks and flip flops, (grin), children observed leaves, and they even caught fire ants that are now our new ‘pets’ (they had to be Texan children to like a fire ant for a pet). But Rochelle’s children (practically born with hiking boots, as she says), caught a VELVET ANT twenty seconds after arriving to the park, how cool is that?

In the shade, we talked about what we saw, Rochelle drew the velvet ant and talked to the children, and some went back to play.



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